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Harker Heights High School

Grading Procedures


In accordance with KISD Board Policy EIA (Local), a student shall be permitted one opportunity to redo any assignment or retake a test for which the student received a failing grade. The student or parent must request the additional opportunity within 10 days of the grade being posted in the grade book and within the grading period.  The intent is to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and skills to achieve mastery.


The criteria for repeat attempts are as follows:


1.     Any student who wishes to redo/retake an assignment or assessment must complete a minimum of one intervention session and schedule a mutually agreeable time with the teacher for the retake.

2.     Retake/redo assignments or assessments will cover the same material, but the new assignment may have a different format or different questions.

3.     A student will only have one opportunity to redo/retake any given assignment.

4.     Assignments completed during the last week of any grading period are not eligible for a redo/retake.

5.     Students may not redo long-term projects (projects given a week or more to complete).

6.     The student will be awarded the highest grade achieved on the assignment or assessment.


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