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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be in marching band/concert band?


Yes.  Band is a full year commitment.  In order to participate in marching band, you must be in concert band in the spring and vice versa.  Exceptions such as athletes that have  football practice at the same time as marching band are made.  However, enrollment in the class is necessary.  We can work it out!


Can I be in band and ___________.


YES.  We can almost always find a way to compromise with your coaches.  We want you to be in band and soccer or baseball or chess club or whatever activity makes you happy.  Come and talk to us before you make any decisions without all the information.



How much does it cost to be in band/What do I need for rehearsal?


The cost per student is  $60






All males will need to purchase a white tuxedo shirt, cummerbund, and black bowtie for concert season.

These are available at Hobby Lobby and local department stores.













1 Gallon Red Coleman Water Jug - color and size are NOT negotiable

2-5 Pairs of Black Athletic Shorts for practice uniforms

2-5 Solid Red T-Shirts/Tank Tops for practice uniforms

Several pairs of LONG black socks

These are black shorts!

These are NOT!!!


I'm currently unable to pay for all of these items.  Does that mean I can't be in band?

Absolutely not!!!  We will work with you to make a payment plan and/or gather donations to sponsor your band student.  DO NOT let money be a reason you don't join band!

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